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A Little About Me:

I am US Army Retired. I spent 23 years in the US Army Infantry. I am a Combat Veteran.

Live near Joliet, Montana, with my wife Kelly, and 4 children. I own/operate Perfect Image Taxidermy, where I mount Big Game, Fish, Upland Birds, and some small game animals. Our Mission Statement is: “We make your outdoor memories come to life” by using the best supplies available, to mount your trophy using updated techniques, in a timely fashion, using the same amount of care that we treat our own trophies with.

I also raise and train American Quarter Horses, which then sell as ranch or performance horses. At any given time, I have 15-25 Quarter Horses on site. I grew up on a ranch south of Bismarck, ND, where the value of hard work was instilled in me at an early age. My three brothers and I spent every summer putting up thousands of small square bales of hay, for the cattle and horses. Growing up like this, gave me a love for the outdoors, especially fishing, hunting, and trapping, which is knowledge I am passing along to my kids.

My youngest boy, Easton (5), has been my right hand man since he was born. He is always in the taxidermy shop, garage, trap line or barn with me. Even as a baby, he came with me to the hayfields, where I kept our camper set up so I could get my haying done, while still caring for him. His love of learning keeps me busy answering questions all of the time.

I have coached Peewee Hockey, peewee rodeo, and Baseball.

My family and Faith in God are what keep me grounded. I believe things happen for a reason, and I was put here to help others. My Christian Faith, and the Army Values, are the things I live my life by. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the Army Values, and I can’t think of a better set of values to live by, and pass along to future generations.

Real Estate

My wife got into Real Estate first, after spending many years owning and running successful Coffee Shops in Billings, MT. I originally got my license so I could help her, whether she needed me to show home for her, or she had questions about Farm and Ranch stuff, which is my wheelhouse. Ranching has been in me throughout my life, it has taught me to be the Cowboy, the electrician, the plumber, the veterinarian, the nutritionist, the welder, carpenter, mechanic, and to wear almost any hat needed at any given time. I love teaching my kids all of these little things, which they can use to be more self-sufficient in their adult lives.


Then why wouldn’t you have a Rancher help you with your farm or ranch sale or purchase? I have knowledge that the “Suits” don’t have.  They may have a fancier website, or pickup, but do they know what I do? Don’t fall for the “shiny new thing,” all of the time.

Buyers and Sellers

Can you identify the plants in Montana that can be toxic to livestock? I can, with 10 years of experience in Commercial Weed Control; I can identify the toxic plants, along with the other Noxious Weeds that may be present on a property.

Do you know anything about Water Rights in Montana? I do. 

The State of Montana controls all the water in the State. There may be water “rights” available, but that only means you have the right to use water in a prescribed manner. Just because there are “Water Rights” with a property, doesn’t mean there is water available. I have on my team an expert that can research any water rights in Montana, so there are NO DOUBTS going in to your purchase.

Grazing Rights, Fossils, Timber, Sand, Federal and State Leases, Renewable Energy Leases, Easements, Mineral Estates, Sage Grouse Habitat, are some of the items that are, or can be unique in the State of Montana. You need boots on the ground to help you navigate these complicated topics.

I surround myself with people smarter than me, which help in the research on all of these issues. I have a Land and Ranch Real Estate Attorney, a Water Rights Expert, a great Broker, and a great relationship with other Real Estate Agents in the State. I utilize agencies to identify abandoned mine shafts/tunnels, that current owners may be unaware of. I will think of the things that you may not.

Being a lifelong rancher myself has given me insight into where to find maps, financing, area wells for comparison, water rights, etc. Also being in the Army for so long, taught me that if I don’t know the answer to a question, find an expert that does. I don’t claim to know everything, and knowing that I don’t, makes it easy for me to reach out to find the right answer.

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